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Electromagnetic Hot Pot Stove PK-328S

Electromagnetic Hot Pot Stove PK-328S

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■ Product Description

The induction cooker, also known as the induction cooker, is a product of the modern kitchen revolution. It does not require an open flame or conduction heating and allows heat to be generated directly at the bottom of the pot, so the thermal efficiency has been improved. It is an energy-saving kitchenware, which is completely different from all traditional heat or non-fire conduction heating kitchenware. Induction cooker is an electric cooking appliance made by the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It is composed of high-frequency induction heating coils (excitation coils), high-frequency power conversion devices, controllers, and ferromagnetic pot-bottom cooking utensils.

■ Product Advantages

1. Fast heating speed

The hot pot induction cooker can raise the temperature of the bottom of the pot to more than 300 degrees within 15 seconds, which is much faster than oil stoves and gas stoves, which greatly saves cooking time and improves the speed of dishes.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

The induction cooker has no open flame and the pot itself heats up, which reduces the heat transfer loss, and has no exhaust gas emission and no noise, which greatly improves the kitchen environment.

3. Versatility

The induction cooker "fry, steam, boil, stew, and rinse" everything, and can basically replace the gas stove.

4. Easy to clean

The induction cooker has no fuel residue and waste gas pollution, so the pots and stoves are very easy to clean.

5. Easy to use

The "one-button operation" instructions of the civilian induction cooker are very user-friendly, and the elderly and children will know it at first glance.

6. Economical

Induction cooker is a big consumer of electricity, but due to the rapid heating and relatively low electricity price, the cost is cheaper than gas and natural gas in calculation.

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电磁火锅炉 PK-328S

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