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Electric Ceramic Stove PK-T288

Electric Ceramic Stove PK-T288

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  • release date:2021-09-24 14:43:21
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■ Product Description

The electric ceramic stove is a kind of stove equipment that converts electric energy into heat energy by using the thermal effect of electric current. Its main structure is composed of a heating plate, a microcrystalline plate, an electric control system, a temperature control system and a furnace body. The heating plate of the electric ceramic stove is composed of the iron chromium heating piece and the heat insulation plate of the heating part. The electric ceramic stove has the characteristics of gradual temperature rise, triple heat balance, no local high temperature, etc., and it is not easy to cause muddy bottom and false boiling. The cooking method is the same as that of a gas stove. It can be fried, barbecued, hot pot, stir-fried, hot milk, Soup, slow stewing, etc., it can also be equipped with baking trays and grilling nets for barbecue; there are no special requirements for the material of the pot, and there is no electromagnetic radiation hazard.

■ Product Advantages

1. Do not pick up the pot, the induction cooker can only use special pots, and the electric ceramic stove does not pick up the pots, whether it is iron, aluminum, tile, ceramics and other flat-bottomed pots can be used.

2. No radiation: The electric ceramic stove is heated by the nickel-chromium wire of the stove, using far-infrared technology, without the low-frequency electromagnetic wave radiation of the induction cooker

3. Low-fire continuous heating: The induction cooker cannot achieve low-fire continuous heating.

4. The electric ceramic stove is equipped with a sensor, which can sense the boiling state of the liquid, such as automatically shutting down after the water boils, but the induction cooker does not have this function.

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