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Built-in Stove

Built-in Stove

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  • release date:2021-09-24 15:11:31
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■ Product Description

The built-in stove, as its name implies, is to embed the main body of the stove under the supporting surface, measure the size in advance, and open a groove on the countertop of the cabinet to embed the gas stove. When the built-in stove is installed, the bottom shell must not be completely isolated from the outside air, and a hole of about 8oCM2 must be opened in the cabinet to prevent the cabinet from being sealed, which may cause the accumulated gas concentration to be too high and cause an accident. In terms of aesthetics, the embedded is much more beautiful than the desktop, and it is not easy to stick to oil, so it is very convenient to clean. The built-in needs to be equipped with a cabinet, the overall is very beautiful, and the valve opening tip can also be designed in the cabinet.

■ Product Advantages

1. Heijing explosion-proof panel

The structure of the black crystal glass panel is selected, and it is formed in one piece. The small and beautiful art gives it a solid and smooth quality display.

2. Precision cast copper fire cover

The fire cover and base are made of high-quality copper, and the surface is protected by a high-temperature coating to prevent corrosion and deformation.

3. Embedded installation

It can be used as a desktop, put it as you like, and put it directly on the countertop, saving kitchen space.

■ Products Display

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