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Cassette Furnace K-02

Cassette Furnace K-02

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  • release date:2021-09-24 14:08:37
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■ Product Description

The cassette stove is also called a portable butane gas stove, which refers to non-fixed cooking utensils that are filled with butane gas as the main gas, and gas such as liquefied gas can also be used as fuel, and directly heated by fire. Portable cassette stove is a kind of kitchenware that has just emerged in recent years. Outdoor cassette stoves are mostly used for family outdoor leisure and hotel supplies.

■ Product Advantages

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.

2. The induction cooker cannot be put together with the portable cooker.

3. After use, the gas cylinder should be removed and kept separately.

4. When loading and unloading gas cylinders, the knob must be turned to the "off" position and aligned with the bayonet.

5. Do not use the product on or around other heat sources.

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