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Fault detection methods and maintenance suggestions for gas stoves

2021-06-10 09:49:09

If you use a gas stove for a long time, there will be some problems. Next, let me talk about the fault detection method of the gas stove to prevent accidents.


One: The flame is not normal

1. There is a phenomenon of fire or fire: At this time, it is very likely that the damper is too small, just adjust the damper. Or because the pressure of the gas stove is too high, you can adjust it appropriately at this time. If it can't be solved, you need to ask a professional gas stove repairman to solve it.

2. Other phenomena: Sometimes there is no open flame for a long time, or the flame is too small, this needs to change the position of the air outlet. Also, when you need to pay attention, you must figure out the signal and some basic information of the gas stove if you are repairing the gas stove by yourself.

3. There is a slight tempering phenomenon: this is likely to make the air pressure too low, just increase the degree of the air valve. Or the design is a little unreasonable, the diameter of the fire hole is too large, and the space used is too small.

4. There is air leakage or peculiar smell: What needs to be checked at this time is whether the air pipe is broken, or the valve joint is aging, it needs to be replaced in time, or if it is not burnt, it is good to just hit it again.

Two: not catch fire

This problem is actually very common, because there are many reasons for this phenomenon. The specific phenomena and solutions will be introduced one by one in the next editor.

1. The air pressure is too high, which has an impact on the electric spark: At this time, you only need to adjust the air source and reduce the air pressure.

2. The output cable is damaged, and it needs to be very close to ignite: replace it with a new one, this cannot be repaired.

3. The power cord is loose or the internal structure of the igniter is damaged in a large area: replace the igniter directly.

4. The pulse igniter has no voltage: it is necessary to install a new battery or directly replace the battery.

5. The ignition nozzle is too large, which will affect the electric spark: just replace one nozzle.

6. There is foreign matter in the nozzle of the hose: just clean it up.

7. The impulse ignition switch has a slight poor contact: just simply repair or replace the switch.

8. The air pressure of the gas source switch is insufficient: you can see if the gas company has stopped the gas.

9. The ignition cable is not linked with the magnetic head: just use glue or tape to stick it firmly.

Through the above-mentioned reason analysis and solution description, the gas stove panel can be prevented from bursting at the root cause. It is necessary for us and our family members to understand these common sense of use and carefully follow it in use.

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