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What caused the gas stove to explode?

2021-06-09 09:49:09

As an important part of family kitchen life, gas stove has become a hot spot in the kitchen appliance market. In addition to pursuing the experience of great firepower, the safety of using stoves has also become a concern of consumers. Gas stove-every household can eat and drink every day without it, but if there is a quality problem with the gas stove, the consequences are unimaginable, and the serious ones can endanger the safety of life and property.

Related gas stove panel explosion incidents on the Internet, I found that there are quite a few cases, especially since this year, there have been explosion incidents in many gas stoves, including many well-known brands! So today, I will talk to you about the possible causes of the stove panel to burst and the corresponding solutions, so that everyone can avoid them one by one in the later stage and stay away from the dangers in the kitchen!


1. Stove with iron fire cover

As the fire cover rusted over time, the rust spots blocked the vent of the fire cover for a long time, causing the flame to fail to burn out.

Solution: Clean the fire cover frequently. Don't just wipe the panel when cleaning the cooker. Frequently deal with the scum and rust spots in the fire splitter.

2. The opening size of the cabinet countertop is larger than the opening size of the stove

Because it is too large, the place where the cooker is stressed is not the position of the metal shell, but the glass panel. The force of the long-term suspension is likely to cause the cooker panel to burst.

Solution: Make sure to determine the size of the cooker first, and then open the hole in the cabinet.

3. The user puts high temperature things directly on the panel

For example, a wok that has just been used, a kettle that has just been burned, and so on.

Solution: remind users to avoid putting high temperature things on the glass panel immediately.

Four, the stove joints, gas pipes or other parts of the gas leak

The burning of the leaked gas caused the stove to burst due to the local high temperature.

Solution: Check the gas valve regularly, check the gas interface regularly, and replace the pressure reducing valve for liquefied gas regularly. The pipe used for installation should be a corrugated pipe with steel wire.

Five, firearms, also known as fire cover.

The placement position after cleaning does not match the bottom, causing the fire splitter to be tempered for a long time, or flames will emerge from the gap. This will not only cause the panel to burst, but also easily deform the fire splitter.

Solution: After cleaning the fire cover, be sure to put it back as it is, so that there is no gap between the fire cover and the seat.

Sixth, the self-explosion rate of tempered glass three per thousand

According to industry insiders, the fundamental reason for the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass is that the glass contains nickel sulfide and particulate impurities. Since this kind of magazine cannot be completely removed, even if it is produced according to the standard, it cannot completely avoid the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass. Factors such as improper use, improper installation, and large temperature difference may induce the explosion of the tempered glass of kitchen appliances. Generally speaking, winter and summer are prone to self-explosive seasons.

Solution: When buying, you must carefully check whether there are visible damages, particles, bubbles, etc. inside. Do not buy such glass. Secondly, during the installation process, qualified construction must be used to make the four sides of it evenly stressed. In addition, we can also use the method of pasting. If a burst occurs, the explosion-proof film will not disperse relatively after being attached.

In addition, home appliance/kitchen appliance manufacturers encountering "three-thousandths" of the explosion of tempered glass, cannot shirk the tempered glass "self-explosion rate" at will. This will hurt customers' hearts and may even lead to lawsuits. The cause should be verified and resolved as soon as possible, and remedial measures should be actively taken.

Seven, the gas stove is over-aged and the panel is aging

The safe service life of a gas stove is 8 years. If the gas stove is used for a long time, it is likely to explode due to the aging of the panel. In addition, the main structure of the gas stove is oxidized or damaged, which may easily cause gas leakage or incomplete combustion. , Carbon monoxide exceeding the standard and other accidents endangering personal safety.

Solution: The service life of the gas stove starts from the actual sale date of the gas stove. Once an accident occurs with an over-aged gas stove, the point of sale is not responsible. This is closely related to the 8-year service life. If the gas stove in your home is over-aged, replacing it with a new gas stove is a good solution.

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