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Cant stir fry on the left side of the double gas stove? I used it wrong before

2021-06-08 09:49:09

Many families now like to use dual gas stoves. Double gas stove, under normal circumstances, we will use one side to cook, the other side to cook soup or stew, which can save a lot of cooking time, and the Internet says "the left side of the double gas stove can not cook" is this true?


There are roughly three reasons:

1. Different firepower

The firepower on the left side of the double gas stove is small and concentrated. It is suitable for soup or stew food, such as lotus root soup, pork rib soup and stewed pork knuckle. These all need to be boiled for at least 30 minutes to an hour to be softer, so we just You can use the gas stove on the left to simmer slowly.

The gas stove on the right has a slightly larger and dispersed firepower, which can heat the entire pot over a large area, which is suitable for quick-fried dishes in a short time. The difference in fire power is indicated on the nameplate of the dual gas stove, so we can choose a more suitable cooking method according to the difference in fire power.

But in fact: some gas stove designs have the same firepower on both sides. The main thing is to look at the label on the double gas stove.

If your stove is marked with the same firepower, but there is a situation where the firepower on one side is high and the firepower on the other side is low, it means that you should clean it! When the gas stove is cooking food, the soup overflows or flows into the fire hole, which will block the fire hole and cause the flame to become smaller. If the fire on one side is very big and the fire on the other is very small, check the gas valve of the gas stove.

2. Prevent burns

The cooking action is relatively large. If you use the left hand to cook the soup on the right, you may get burnt when you touch the soup pot during the cooking process because most people are accustomed to using the spatula with their right hand to stir fry. If you are left-handed, say something else.

But in fact: whether the left side or the right side of the gas stove is used for cooking is just a matter of personal habit. It does not mean that "the left side of the double gas stove cannot be used for cooking"!

3. Avoid oil stains on clothes

Internet transmission: The left side of the dual gas stove station is cooking, and the right side is cooking the soup at the same time, the smoke and the mist of the soup will stick to the clothes and hair, but the right side of the gas stove will not! ?

But in fact: when cooking, we all turn on our range hood, so the cooking fume produced during cooking can naturally be sucked away quickly, so there is no need to worry about this problem.

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