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What is the difference between commercial induction cooker and electric ceramic cooker?

2021-06-14 09:49:41

What is the difference between electric ceramic cooker and commercial induction cooker? How should consumers choose?

Comparison 1: Working principle

The working principle of the induction cooker: the induction cooker acts on the cookware through electromagnetic induction, so that the cookware reaches its own heating point and plays a role in heating food.

The working principle of the electric ceramic stove: the resistance wire inside the electric ceramic stove turns red when plugged in and generates heat, which is transmitted to the food through the pot, so as to achieve the function of heating the food.


Comparison 2: Selection of pots and utensils

The induction cooker can only use pots and pans with magnetic conductivity-iron or steel pans, which have large limitations and limited cooking.

Since the electric pottery cooker heats itself, there are no restrictions on the pots and pans for cooking, as long as the pots with a flat bottom can be used.

Comparison 3: Temperature adjustment

The temperature of the induction cooker rises rapidly, the firepower fluctuates from high and low, and the temperature is not easy to control.

The temperature of the electric ceramic stove can be controlled within a certain temperature range, the fire power will not be too beating, and the fire temperature can be controlled well.

Comparison 4: Temperature range

The induction cooker can reach a high temperature of 270°C, and the pot heats up to make the food cooked. The heating is uneven, and the bottom of the pot is prone to scorching.

The electric pottery stove can reach 700℃, can adjust the gear by itself, and the temperature span is large. High temperature can realize stir-frying, and the far-infrared heating mode can evenly heat the food without local high temperature.

Comparison five: insulation effect

Since the induction cooker heats up the pot, the food is cooked. When it stops working, the induction cooker can quickly lower the temperature, and the food can't keep warm.

The cooling rate of the electric ceramic stove is relatively slow, and the residual temperature is maintained when it stops working. It should be noted that after the electric ceramic stove stops working, the heating area is still very hot, remember not to touch it, and clean it after the residual temperature subsides.

Comparison six: scope of application

The induction cooker cannot be grilled directly on the stove, cannot work without iron pots, and cannot operate independently, and its function is relatively single.

The electric ceramic stove can perform various functions such as barbecue, stir fry, slow stew, hot pot, frying, etc., and produce diversified food.

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