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Which is better for commercial induction cooker or electric ceramic cooker?

2021-06-15 09:49:41

Both electric ceramic stove and commercial induction cooker are a kind of household appliances, a device used for heating. For induction cooker, its working principle is to use alternating magnetic field to generate eddy current, which is heated by coils. The working principle is to use far-infrared rays to generate heat, such as using infrared carbon tubes to emit heat. Due to the different working principles, there are essentially different characteristics for electric ceramic cookers and induction cookers:

1. For induction cooker. Since the induction cooker works at a frequency between 15KHz and 30KHz, this will cause radiation interference, and the closer it is to the greater the radiation, this is a taboo for pregnant women, although many induction cookers are limited to the range of values used by pregnant women. But there are also conscientious manufacturers who sell some inferior products; because the working principle determines that the pot used in the induction cooker must be made of a magnetic material similar to an iron pan, other materials will not work, and the power of the induction cooker is not very high. It is generally around two kilowatts, but it heats up quickly and dissipates heat quickly. It is worth mentioning that the popularity of induction cookers is higher than that of electric ceramic cookers, which may also have a certain relationship with its price;


2. For electric ceramic stoves. Perhaps many people have never used an electric ceramic stove, because the price of an electric ceramic stove is generally higher than that of an induction cooker, but it does not pick a pot, and it does not need to be magnetic like an induction cooker, because the electric ceramic cooker conducts heat directly, as long as it can conduct heat. Basically all appliances can be used. Of course, they must be able to withstand high temperatures. The requirements for pots and utensils are not as strict as induction cookers. At the same time, it does not have the radiation of induction cookers. It heats faster and is healthier than induction cookers. However, it heats slowly and dissipates slowly. It can be used as a grill and barbecue, which is not available in induction cookers.

In any case, the induction cooker is used much more than the electric ceramic stove at least now. In fact, it is mainly because of its fast heating, low price and convenience. Therefore, in real life, like many hot pot restaurants, they use induction cookers instead of electric cookers. Pottery stove, this is also based on the consideration of its heating time. Of course, if you are more inclined to stew soup, slow simmering things, or like barbecue, then it is recommended that you buy an electric ceramic stove. Of course, it is also More environmentally friendly.

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